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    HangzhouGongchenqiaoPrimarySchoolwas founded in 1910.

    Hangzhou GongchenqiaoPrimarySchool Education Group (hereinafter referred to as the Education Group) was established in 2005.

    The Education Group consists of three campuses: Yongning Campus, Zuoan Campus and Zijing Campus, occupying approximately 13,300 sq. m., 9,300 sq. m., and 23,3000 sq. m. respectively. Besides, each campus is designed to have 24 teaching classes.

    The Education Group has 36 teaching classes with 1,157 students, 77 teachers and 21 working staff.

    The average age of the teaching faculty is 35.7 with 75.8% of them receiving undergraduate education and 48.4% are Communist Party members. In addition, about 72.7% of them hold the position as the senior teacher of primary school or above, including 1 special-grade teacher, 1 provincial excellent teacher, 6 senior teachers of middle school, 12 Hangzhou new star educationists, 2 Gongshu star teachers, 21 Gongshu new star educationists and 11 Gongshu key teachers.

    “New Success Education”, with its implementation in 2001 according to the district reality and students resource, is an integrative education reform on the basis of the theory and practice of the “Success Education”. Its main goal is to reshape the school culture, “success attitude” being its core, and lay a foundation for the success career of the students.

    “One Attitude” means to develop and build the “Success Attitude” of students, a positive attitude characterized by full confidence, active approach, perfect pursuit and self realization.

    “Three Ideals” means to guide and help students find their own talents and the most favorable space for self development, which effectively promotes each student to exert his full potentials and gradually becomes the best of himself.

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